Discover all the Wonders of Morocco

Fascinating Morocco is a travel agency that proposes a great selection of holiday packages, desert tours, days trips and Travel Experiences in Morocco dedicated exclusively to travellers and tourists who wish to discover the wonders of this beautiful country. In order to meet all traveller’s expectations, a wide range of holiday packages and tour programs were carefully designed by our travel specialists, so each traveller, can find exactly the perfect travel destination where to spend unforgettable vacation experience and to discover the most beautiful places around.

Best Places to visit in Morocco

From the Majestic Atlas Mountain, passing through the most beautiful sea and ocean beaches to reach the fascinating Sahara Desert dunes, there is unlimited charming places and landscapes that you can explore during your holidays in Morocco.

Some corners of this little heaven on earth, are very little known by the majority of travellers, and constitute quite extraordinary destinations of visit. That’s why our travel agency is committed to offer a great selection of the most spectacular and Must-see Places in Morocco.

To make your travel experience even more pleasant and comfortable, our professional team of travel specialists will make sure to provide the best available quality of services with a great value for money.

Top Travel Experiences and Activities

When you travel for few hours by plane, to land in a beautiful place where you were planning to spend some relaxing and joyful days, you will absolutely want to make the most of every single moment of your holiday.

For this reason, we have selected to most popular travel experiences that you will certainly love to share with your wife, children, family members or friends.

From the most authentic camel ride tours in the desert and city tours with horse-drawn carriage, to real adventures full of adrenaline and strong emotions like Quad Biking Tours in the Palm Groves or Agaday Desert, paragliding or hot-air ballooning in the air… We will propose almost unique experiences and activities for each travel destination in Morocco.

Unusual Tours & Adventures in the Desert

No one knows the desert like the Sahraouis.. That’s why our drivers and local tour guides will lead you to the best places and palm oases of the Grand Sahara Desert.

We have a collection of purely interesting desert tours with a departure from the most popular travel destinations in Morocco such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez & Agadir.

If you have only two or three days available and you wish to explore some beautiful places in the desert, we will have good options for you. But if you have several days to spend in the immensity of these breath-taking desert landscapes, we will help you to choose the most convenient Desert Tour for your vacation and we will give you the chance to live the Sahara Experience like a real Sahraoui!

We will invite you to join exceptional camel treks in the middle of sand dunes, to spend some quite nights under the nomadic tents of the desert, to have lunch with locals and to enjoy almost unique dining experiences under the big starry sky of the Sahara… Then you will really love to experience the simple and extremely original lifestyle of nomads and Sahraouis.

Our Travel Agency will be always happy to introduce the best of Morocco to all the lovers of travel adventures and discoveries.

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